Monday, August 21, 2006

The Monster....

The Monster. My contribution to Sunday Scribblings.

I've been thinking about The Monster, and what I could write, as I haven't posted anything for a week or so. I've just been lying in bed trying to sleep when thoughts of an incident from my childhood slipped in to my mind. I hardly ever think about it and don't think I've ever told anyone about it.

I never really know how many people look at my blog, but I'm going to put it out there.....

When I was 8 I went to the shops for my mum. (It was different in those days, we went everywhere for hours on end, without thought of bad things happening). I bought some tins of beans. It was a hot day, but my mum cooked for us every night. I was wearing a t-shirt and skirt.

On the way back I was turning on to the road I lived - Norman Road. I was at the other end to our house - we lived at number 2. As I rounded the corner a man shouted me from his car. It was parked outside the end house - a house that was always a bit run down, with the garden overgrown.

He asked for my help. I was innocent and said yes to this stranger. He had dropped his fountain pen in the front passenger footwell. It had rolled under the dash and his fingers were too fat to get it. Could I try and reach it for him?

I placed the tins at my feet on the pavement and leaned in to the car - head in the footwell and tried to help this man by wriggling my fingers in to the tiny gap. As I did so my one of my feet came up from the ground. The man saw his chance, I guess, and slipped his hand on to my leg urging me forward.

As I struggled to reach the (non existant?) pen his hand went higher up my leg and up to my bottom, he tried to get his fingers to my most innocent body part. He manged to touch me briefly, before I realised something wasn't quite right with the scenario.

I pulled away and grabbed the tins, all the while apologising for not being able to help. He didn't say much, but I walked away and didn't look back. He drove off and somehow between walking from one end of the road to the other, I rationalised that he had probably made a mistake and didn't mean it.

Now I know he probably did mean it, and I probably had a lucky escape.


Blogger paris parfait said...

Ah, yes quite a lucky escape. You're brave to share your story. Too often monsters like that prey on impressionable children, who have been taught to be polite and help others - and innocently find themselves in dangerous situations.

11:04 AM  
Blogger melba said...

Something similiar happened to me when I was young and I didn't tell anyone until I was 30. I always thought that the boy, he was in about 11th grade and I was maybe in 6th grade, made a mistake...I know now too that he didn't, but you just want to believe it is not happening to you.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Kerstin said...

For a moment there I thought that he was about to pull you inside the car and drive off with you! You did have a lucky escape indeed. I wonder just how many of us have similar stories to tell from their childhood, they seem to be more common than one would think? I am glad that you got away from this man without too much harm!

7:10 PM  

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